Want Protection, Business Gold Card from American Express Might Be Your Best Bet | technydermnet.ga

The global financial services company, American Express is famous for its credit card & traveler’s check businesses and for its charge cards. The Business Gold Card from American Express that offers the best card protection and services is an excellent financial tool for running a business.

Merits Of The Card

The card is designed for the business owners, having a good credit and wanting free participation in the Membership Rewards program. This card requires the business owners to pay the full balance every month and this keeps a check on the piling up of high credit card debt. This proves very advantageous for businesses in the long run.

The card is flexible also as its reward program has a better variety of services and merchandise than the other credit cards. Furthermore, the points you earn never expire and are limitless. The benefits this card offers are characteristic of the American Express business credit cards.

The card helps you to save your business expenditure and comes with an annual fee. The Business Gold Card from American Express enrolls you automatically to the membership rewards program offered by the American Express.

Your first purchase on the card lets you earn 5000 bonus reward points. After you spend $20000 on your card, you will again get 5000 membership reward points. If you spend an average of $5000 every month, you will obtain 60000 points. On your renewal of the card at the end of the first year, you will derive 10000 bonus points.

The introductory annual percentage rate (APR), introductory APR period and the regular APR are all “n/a” as you are not allowed to carry balance over time. The first year fee-free option allows you to make a savings of $125. There are no pre-set expenditure limit and no finance charges on the card. You can easily avail of the benefits of this card, if you have an excellent credit.

Fringe Benefits

You can easily redeem your points for the business related items, which includes entertainment events, office equipment and travel. With Business Gold Card from American Express, you can obtain unlimited points, which do not have any expiry dates. You may save your points over many years for a high-end merchandise purchase.

The business card also provides you ongoing savings and discounts at the business establishments, like AT&T, FedEx, Hertz and Staples.

The card offers access to savings on hotel, car and air reservations, which can be booked through the Online Business Travel Center, numerous Internet account related services, access to expense management reports that are compatible with QuickBooks.

Business Gold Card from American Express also offers return protection, purchase protection, lost and damaged luggage insurance, emergency card replacement, identity theft assistance, travel accident insurance up to $100000, emergency check cashing and other similar services.

On a Travel Budget in the Philippines – Around Manila, Its Hotels, and Much More | technydermnet.ga

Blame the tradition, the geography, and even the people but Manila is an irresistible tourist destination in Asia where one can splurge his or her pocket money on anything under the sun…or not.n

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has always been a mixture of character when it comes to its architectural and cultural aspects due to influences from its neighboring Asian countries and its close Spanish association (thanks to its 300+ years of occupation in the country), not to mention the American salvation from the Spaniards. So going on a trip to this destinatio has been and will always be an interesting experience for most tourists on business or leisure trips.

Going on a budget in Manila requires small effort for travelers if they just know where to look. There are many ways to research for spending your money within a specific budget on a good hotel, food, shopping, and other items that will make your Manila experience as unforgettable as possible. The internet and recommendations from friends or colleagues is a good source for such research.

The districts in Manila have different personalities. So if one is planning to stay in the country for a particular purpose, knowing about the place’s main attractions and perks would be an advantage for a traveler like you. Below is rough guide to help you start off with your Manila journey.

Give Me Mobility

Getting your way around this city is as easy as 1-2-3. There are many modes of transportation to choose from. Jeepneys, buses, and even the LRT or MRT (the 2 major rail transits) can be a best friend of yours if budget is an issue and of course, if adventure is a staple to your travel. A minimum fare of 18 cents is all you need to experience the sights and sounds of Manila. A flag down rate of 68 cents and succeeding 6 cents is fair enough for a public taxi if you want to explore the city with an extra comfort. Or you can just roam the city on foot, the cheapest alternative!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Manila may still prove to be affordable when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, and even “pasalubongs” (travel tokens) for you or loved ones. Shops in Manila may be found through malls that are popping here and there (Manila and its people are generally mallrats), “tiangges” or flea-market style of vending, and also through sidewalk peddling. Anyone can buy an item or two when exploring the city. With all these options, you can never go home empty-handed.

Hungry with Little Money

Street food can be found on every corner of the city such as fishballs, taho, and fried egg dumplings to name a few. If we speak of street food, it is synonymous with affordable food. This means anyone can never go hungry on a tight budget even in a middle of nowhere. Besides, with all the tripping (or walking), anyone needs a break for a little chow.

Home Away from Home

At the end of the day, feet aching from all the walking and tripping, there is nothing better to come home to but a hotel or a place worth crashing in. Many hotels are available within the city and are pretty much tourist-friendly. Three to five-star hotels in Manila are basically within the same vicinities. Like Makati, the leading business district in Manila, offers an upscale hotel accommodations for business travelers and vacationing tourists alike. However, the option doesn’t stop there. With the budget travel boom over the last few years, more and more hotels and other types of lodging establishments have been competitive to cater all types of market. From students to businessmen and even local tourists, they have been having the best options for their stay in Manila that suit their requirements, financially speaking most especially.


Money has always been one of the big factors when traveling. It basically influences a tourist’s limitations and capabilities during a trip. But with Manila being a city that reflects the fusion of culture and tradition, it also expands the tourist’s options as to where he can spend his money for something that will make his travel an unforgettable experience.

Overall, the success of one’s trip really depends on the traveler himself. But most importantly, the destination.